Art Site Web Analytics

I hope this post is somewhat educational and shows the vast amount of information available from web analytics. It has been interesting to see the far ranging locations that come to Cher's art site. Web analytics provide a rich set of information related to site visits. A few interesting facts from Cher's site over the last 12 months:

  • 22 - most visits in one day (this has happened a number of times)
  • 4.41 - average pages visited (the gallery counts as one page though all images may have been viewed)
  • 57% - percentage of views that are from new visitors
  • 28 - number of countries visiting from. Most from the US but others include Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and even Slovinia.
  • Las Vegas - second in hits only to Georgia. This location in Las Vegas has been hitting Cher's site every day for over a month now for prolonged periods of time.

These high level stats are available with tools such as Google Analytics. Other tools are available to dig even more deeply into site visits. The Las Vegas visits were interesting since they visit for long periods of time each day for the last month. Doing a bit of research I was able to determine not only the IP address of those hits but even down to the house in Las Vegas. I was surprised that this details is available from site visit data.

If you are an artist and are not currently using analytics in your art site then I suggest that you should. It will provide a wealth of information and could help you understand how your online activities drive traffic to your web site.