North Georgia Art Ramble - Studio Art Tour

I'm participating in this year's North Georgia Art Ramble and would love to have you come to my studio during this event. There will be plenty of art available for purchase from my framed glass, to framed paintings, and matted-only paintings. This just might be a great time to buy a loved one original art for Christmas :)

Be sure to check out more details on all of the wonderful artists participating in this year's event at the North Georgia Art Ramble site. There you can download a map with all of the participating artists and locations. Here is a direct link to a printable brochure and map.

The event is December 7-8, 2013 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. I would appreciate it if you can help spread the word!

Lost In Painting

Cher has been disappearing on me. Where, oh where, has she gone? Since converting the room above the garage into a painting studio she has been holed up in there for days upon end. I keep checking on her, keeping her hydrated and fed. She is in the zone, a creative and productive place.

She has been creating a great body of work and I just love seeing the process and what the results look like. What a gift to create as she does and seeing it happens just amazes me.

Well, now we have all this new work and it is getting a bit crowded around here. If you have a hankering for some original art then let us know. Perfect time of the year, I think, to purchase original art for a loved one. A few examples of her latest work below: